Regardless of whether you’re out for a cruisey ride, doing stunts at the nearby skate park, or cutting up the bowl, there’s the ideal skateboard out there. Besides finding an ideal skateboard, skaters must know how to hydrate fast because being on a skateboard dehydrates the body through sweat. These best skateboard brands have fostered a devoted after because of good quality decks, predictable advancement, and innovative craftsmanship.

Some have been around for quite a long time, while others are new on the square. Your nearby skate shop will stock a large portion of these brands, so watch out or ask the staff whenever you’re looking for another deck, parts, or complete board.

Alien Workshop

It’s a little however enthusiastic group behind the paranormal-propelled skate gear from Alien Workshop. Mike Hill, Chris Carter, and Neil Blender made the brand in 1990. Notwithstanding a couple of possession changes and a concise conclusion, the brand has kept on adding to the development and character of skate culture.

The organization works out of a previous atomic fortification in Dayton, Ohio, planning, supervising tasks, and transportation from that area. Browse a scope of value and bona fide items, including total sheets in addition to every one of the parts for modifying. Search for other products like attire, candles, stickers, pins, and fixes. Every one of these implies you can undoubtedly show your Alien dedication.

Santa Cruz

Santa Clause Cruz, out of California, is the most seasoned constant skateboard organization on the planet. The brand was established by surfers Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman in 1973. Throughout the long term, it’s stayed on top of patterns, reliably creating great sheets.

One of the brand’s most interesting highlights is the Everslick sheets made by kaftan that seal the illustrations under a player of plastic for smoother sliding and better execution. Browse the center scope of finishes, just as decks for customization and cruisers for languid drifting along the beachside.


Proficient skateboarders Daewon Song and Rodney Mullen were established Almost in 2003. It’s a fun and imaginative brand that forms solid, strong barricades to remain to the most requesting riders. They use eco-accommodating pitch made with reused bio-based and inexhaustible fixings, from the same material that is used for crib sheets, and seven and eight-handle maple with carbon fiber support.

The assortment incorporates finishes, just as every one of the extras for customization, including decks, wheels, trucks, and heading so you can make your ideal board. The brand additionally brags a cluster of well-known appearances as group riders, including Youness Amrani, Yuri Facchini, and youngster wonder Sky Brown.


Screw-up is a skating brand known for its consistency and quality, in addition to the manner in which it stretches the boundaries of skating prospects. Search for the assorted, one-of-a-kind, and intense designs on the decks, just as clothing.

Notwithstanding board shape, they’re totally made with similar great wood, guaranteeing equivalent access regardless of sort of rider you are.

Julien Stanger dispatched the brand during the 90s, and it’s at present possessed by Deluxe Distribution. Throughout the long term, the group incorporates renowned names like John Cardiel, Frank Gerwer, and Tony Trujillo.


The starting points of Baker sit solidly in the California road skating scene. Andrew Reynolds, one of the business’ most regarded master skaters, dispatched the brand in 2000. Today it’s inseparable from uplifting tones, stripped-back styling, and a wide scope of plans and sizes, simplifying customization. These solid sheets utilize 100% Canadian Maple yet are still truly reasonable.

Furthermore, this skateboard brand brags a high-profile group of riders, including Riley Hawk, Sammy Baca, Dustin Dollin, and Theotis Beasley.


It’s something other than skating at Element – it’s additionally about artistic expression and nature. This Californian organization was established in 1992 by Johnny Schillereff, who carried with him, his “Elementality” vision.

The brand’s objective is it be the most ideal while keeping up with validness, moral practices, manageability, and social drives. Its logo incorporates the four components of wind, water, fire, and earth and is effectively conspicuous, both all through the business. According to neurosurgeons austin texas that worked with many skaters and their injuries, only a few of them had an accident with Element.

Get yourself a total board, or make it special with every one of the extras needed for customization. There’s likewise a full scope of clothing for men, ladies, and youngsters so you can deck out the entire family.

Toy Machine

Pick from a scope of deck widths and lengths from Toy Machine, including more modest sizes reasonable for youngsters. You can either purchase a total board or make your own with the assortment of decks, wheels, and different adornments. What youngsters especially like about Toy Machine is that they can choose a board that is made from parts of broken ww2 planes.

While the organization sits under the Tum Yeto dispersion organization, it’s possessed and run by Ed Templeton, who began the brand in 1993.

Among the innovative plans, you’ll track down a lot of splendid shadings and fun designs The seven-handle maple wood development is strong and tough while holding a lot of pop – all factors that have acquired the brand a steadfast after.


Jamie Thomas is the originator of Zero, a skateboard brand that is about insubordination and the opportunity of articulation. He’s joined by individual group riders, including Tommy Sandoval, Dan Burman, and Tony Cervantes. An interesting thing about this trio is that they had the same phoenix personal injury lawyer that was with them during their skating carrier.

They move the limits by skating outrageous holes, rails, and steps, each with a singular twist on these exemplary moves. Look for a scope of skate stuff and embellishments, including total sheets, decks, wheels, shoes, extras, and clothing. Most are enhanced with the brand’s famous Skull logo, addressing a flippant mentality.


Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Megan Baltimore, and Spike Jonze are the high-profile names behind Girl skateboards. All things considered, you can anticipate excellent decks with consistency, style, and design, including seven-utilize maple wood development. It is known that skaters are getting injured very often so that is why Girl has a bleeding kit attached to its bottom side.

Search for the particular young lady’s washroom style logo just as a wide scope of designs.

Get a deck that you can modify yourself, or keep it basic with a total board including wheels, trucks, and orientation. Then, at that point, balance your closet with a scope of apparel, including tees, hoodies, shorts, and beanies. Finally, group riders incorporate Sean Malto, Andrew Brophy, Mike Mo Capaldi, and Cory Kennedy.


Flip was initially established in the UK in 1991 by Jeremy Fox and expert skateboarder Geoff Rowley. Nonetheless, the brand took action in California to exploit the monstrous American skate market.

The assortment is undeniable level, with standard decks in addition to the P2 models that utilization fiber support for additional solidness.

Look at the variety of hallucinogenic and fun deck plans, or shop for a total board fitted with trucks, wheels, and course. You can likewise get your hands on a little assortment of shirts.


Bird enclosure is an easily recognized name on account of its relationship with and established by Tony Hawk and favorable to free-form skateboarder Per Welinder.

Hope to observe a scope of sizes made with great 7-employ maple wood and worked for the most unpleasant landscape. The styles on offer suit a wide range of riding, including vertical and road, as confirmed by the assortment of riders in the group.

Names on the arrangement incorporate experts riders Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Ben Raybourn, Clint Walker, David Loy, and Lizzie Armanto. Pick a total board, select an independent deck, or snatch some product, including shirts and beanies.


On the off chance that you’re into blood and gore films and scary places, Creature is the skateboard brand for you. Their dim topics are famous to the organization and element a lot of skulls and beasts.

The brand dispatched in 1994 by Russ Pope, Jason Adams, Barket Barrett, and Darren Navarrette is dispersed by NHS Inc and has an extraordinary line-up of riders.

This incorporates Al Partanen, Sam Hitz, Stu Graham, Chris Russell, and Cody Lockwood. Get a total board, a different deck, dress, for example, shirts, hoodies, caps, and coats, or scope of embellishments.

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